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Thank you for choosing Netcom to host your web site! Netcom provides many valuable tools to help you develop and manage your web site efficiently. These tools are provided on-line in the Client Resources section of the Netcom Business Center. Please remember that you will need your web site Administrative username and password to access these services.

Library Incorporate HTML, Java, CGI, Shockwave, and other features to produce an interactive and outstanding web site! Instructions are easy-to-follow and examples are included.

Toolbox Looking for the latest Internet software/utility? The Toolbox has downloadable browsers, e-mail programs, FTP applications, plug-ins, and HTML editors—all indispensable in creating a top-notch web page.

News By far the most all-inclusive lsting of newsgroups and links to news sites available. With Netcom's News section, you can find up-to-the-minute news on media, technology, government, business, and much more.

Help Need help with FTP? E-mail? Look no further. The Netcom Business Center's Help section provides the answers you need fast.

Maintenance The Maintenance section provides an on-line site administration area that includes: E-mail maintenance, Netcom Web Site Builder, Microsoft® FrontPage® 98 Server Extensions, SQL, www.SitePromoter, ShopSite, InterNIC updates, Password Protect maintenance, Netcomplete maintenance, WebTrends, Adobe PageMill 2.0 and Submit It!

Set-up for Netcomplete Internet Access Account
Adobe PageMill 2.0 Access for Business customers
Open Market's ShopSite™For all hosting customers.
Interactive SQL Access for Business and Commerce customers
FrontPage 98 Server Extensions All hosting packages that include a web site have access to install FrontPage 98 Server Extensions
www.SitePromoter Access for Business and Commerce Customers
WebTrends All hosting customers may receive

Netcom Web Site Builder A template-based program that allows you to build a professional web site simply and quickly. No HTML or other programming skills required!

Additional Offerings Need additional disk space or e-mail accounts? Check out our extensive list of additional options that you can add to your current hosting package. Add these options on-line instantly!

By using Netcom services or Netcom software, or both, you agree to be bound by and to comply with Netcom Terms and Conditions and the Acceptable Use Guidelines just as if you had signed them.

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